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One Can, Two Can. Who Can? You Can!

This morning we received a large donation of non-perishable food items from one of our local women's groups. These lovely ladies made a phone call to M.O.M.S. and scheduled a time to drop off this donation. By scheduling a drop off time, these women were able to avoid leaving the food items outside the door where the rain we are having today would have ruined many of the much-needed items. When food is left outside at our door, it is in danger of being ruined by the weather or being stolen. We want to make sure that the food you donate makes it to the shelves and, ultimately, into the bellies of our clients.

We cannot accept any type of clothing, furniture, or household goods. If you have these types of donations, please take them to Dividing Bread Ministries. They gladly help our clients with these types of items especially when donations are made on behalf of Mission on Main Street (M.O.M.S.).

We are thankful for BigFoot Prints who created our new signs for the side window and back door that remind our community of our drop-off donation policy. And, we are thankful for you! We absolutely cannot do this without the support of our community. Thank you and may God bless you!

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