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Blessing Box Set Up at Mission on Main Street

Imagine for a moment that you are behind on your rent, your electric bill is now due, and you have three hungry children to feed. If you pay your rent and your electric bill, there will be little money left over to buy food you and your children. Maybe it is evening time and the food banks are all closed. Or maybe you just need enough food to get you by for a day or two until your next paycheck comes in.

Believe it or not, this scenario plays out often in our community. Mission on Main Street was gifted with a large Rubbermaid tool shed to be used as a Blessing Box to hold food just for these kinds of situations. We also received a cash donation to pay for having it wrapped so that it not only looks beautiful, but also lets people know just exactly what it is. With the help of one of our volunteers, we built a stand for it and secured the Blessing Box to the wall of our building so that it won't blow over.

When stocking the Blessing Box, please keep in mind that it gets very hot inside in the summer and will probably be pretty cold in the winter, so make sure that the food you place in it is not going to be affected by the heat or cold. The best kinds of food to put in are canned foods and dried boxed foods.

It is amazing how the community has helped to keep this Blessing Box stocked! It is being well used not only by community members who are placing food in the box, but by families that need that little extra bit of food to get them by. Collinsville is such a caring community and we are blessed to be a part of it!

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